Collaboratype: Retrofuturs – Space Relationship/Elements

ImageThese pieces are created by ‘Retrofuturs’ by ‘mixing old photographs with typographical inlays’.  The artist seems to splice two or more photographs together making the imagery look disjointed, the typography adds to this effect as although it is filled with an image that camoflauges it within the piece, it does not match up with the background of it.

I like the way that the imagery within the typography has something to do with the word; ‘wood’ having mainly trees and ‘earth’ being bits of ground. There are several images. Some of the words also used in ‘Elements’ are ‘Water’, ‘Air’. In ‘Space Relationship’ there is no imagery within the text, as the title suggests the pieces are more about the text and imagery in relationship to each other than just on a thing like an element.

Retrofuturs ‘wants to be expressed through his creation of the linkages between “online” and “In Real Life”. He develops an iconography that at once touches on the digital environment while simultaneously paying homage to the past.’ 

By using ‘retro’ photographs but a bold typeface the artists creates the link between the futuristic/present day digital world and the past.

The composition of ‘Elements’ ties it together as a series; in each piece there is a vertical rectangle of a different image that still appears to match up with the rest of the piece.




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