Musical Implements: Foley Artists

A Foley Artist ‘recreates’ sound effects for film, television and radio productions on a Foley Stage. Using many different kinds of shoes and lots of props – car fenders, plates, glasses, chairs, and just about anything I find at the side of the road – the Foley Artist can replace original sound completely or augment existing sounds to create a richer track.

I like the way that foley artists will use anything they can to create the right sound. It must take a lot of expetimentation with different materials to find what item and action will create the right sound. I think that this is a good way for all artists to work, not just foley artists as experimentation with different media aids the design process. (I will try to keep this practice in mind when creating the art myself).

Because of all the experimentation the outcome/implements used are pretty inventive, I especially like the glove with paper clips attached to mimic the sound of a dog walking as it is so different to the sound it is making.


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