Symbols Have Meaning: Egyptian Hieroglyphics

The ancient Egyptians called their script mdju netjer, or “words of the gods.” Hieroglyphs were the earliest form of Egyptian script, and also the longest-lived. It is the most familiar to the modern observer, when staring in awe at the columned halls at Karnak, the beautiful tomb paintings in the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and on sarcophagi and coffins.

Hieroglyphs are a very pictorial ‘text’. Though there are different versions, the more pictorial hieroglyphs were used mainly for ‘decorating the walls of temples’  an ‘shorthand’ version was used for day to say trade. I think it would have been good to use an abbreviated version as using the full decorative version would have taken time, and thus been impractical.

Hieroglyphs are comparable to the more modern symbol language used by homeless people to communicate with each other. Both are like a code, known to those who write and read them but in need of deciphering by those not in the know. That is pretty cool.


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