Ugly Duckling: Jayne Steiger

ImageJayne Steiger

Steiger has a cute/creepy style specialising in anthropomorphised monsters/creatures.

The pastel colours she uses in her work I find eyecatching. She uses contasting colours to distinguish/separate different elements of the image. (E.g. in the above image the characters are in lighter tones, grey, blue, turquoise etc but the background and scenery is mainly shades of purple and dark blue so the characters stand out). I really like the colour schemes that she uses, they look fairly unnatural. It suits the style for she draws unnatural things.

Steiger is interested in/inspired by gothic lolita fashion, this also features a mixture of pastel colours and can include gothic/spooky/victorian imagery as pattern.

392978_10151201267902874_724886692_n jayn

These two pieces are fairly busy and full of colour but I love the energy it gives the work. Within these pieces the composition draws the viewers eye through the picture, so all of the elements can be seen and not lost in the image. For example the length of the hair of the space princess draws you down the picture and to the other character and scenery. I would like to use similar compositional techniques in works of mine that contain a lot of imagery.

One of my favourite things about Steigers work is her use of digital media to create her work. I love smoothness of the colour and lines, her work makes me want to do more digital work myself.


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