Pippa Toole


I certainly enjoy the use of monsters in Pippa Toole’s work.

“She’s really inspired by music, subcultures and the occult, and a reoccurring theme of hers at the moment is gangs; specifically gang logos, patches and badges on leather jackets. Pippa loves leather jackets. Despite her best efforts, she says she’s not neat or tidy but she likes to convince herself that that works well with her work.”


The way this looks more like an emblem than a just a drawing I find pretty cool, it shows her inspiration from gangs as it does look like the kind of sign a gang would sport. I also like the use of humour with the words ‘if looks could kill’ paired with the imagery Medusa, if it had just been an image of a girl giving evil looks it may not be as funny.


Her style is simple, often just using thin lines and block colour. I think that this style works well for what she’s drawing. Particularly stuff inspired by gang emblems as they would be simple designs as well, any further detail might just end up ruining the piece.


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