Horror Movie Posters


“Karoly Grosz”…”Was responsible for the majority of the posters from this period. He worked mainly in oils and watercolours and a number of his posters are as legendary designs were usually constrained by the traditions and expectations of the studio, his artwork for the teaser posters for Frankenstein and the Invisible man are stunning featuring striking avant garde designs. Even by today’s standards, the posters are ultra modern and would be arresting pasted on any contemporary hoarding”

I agree that the imagery in this poster is very striking due to the high contrast in the colours used. The use of red and black, with dark shadows gives an ominous feeling to the image. I like the simplistic look of the poster. This kind of simplistic design is seen in other posters for Horror movies, including ‘An American Werewolf in London’ and ‘Halloween’


these kind of designs are said to be interesting and unusual as they ‘show no characters or scenes from the film’ which ‘keeps up the suspense and mystery of the plot’ This helps to promote the movie by not giving away any of the plot, so people are likely to see it.


The use of only a couple of colours help to make the posters look bold and striking. The dark/black backgrounds paired with reds retain dark/horror/scary themes within the poster but while also keeping it minimal.

Reference: Horror Poster Art – Graham Marsh, Tony Nourmand


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