Jenna Whyte

A lot of Jenna Whyte’s drawings are based off fantasy characters/creatures. The subject of her work is usually always a female figure. She has done a series of each element on the periodic table personified as a victorian style woman.

 “The Illustrated Guide to the Elements: Volume I’ is a Sherlock Holmes “case book” style investigation that contains detailed description of the chemical elements personified as Victorian Women. Each has her own personal attributes drawn from the characteristics of the element she represents. Each element has an description based on the element’s history, characteristics, and uses, they also have a ink portrait. “

I like the way that she merges characters from Greek mythology with the Mucha style as it blends two different era’s but suits it well as she incorporates ancient Greek pattern styles into the pieces.

The muted colour schemes in her work are great and they give a kind of dark, gloomy undertone to the pieces. The more sepia toned ones give a victorian/steampunk edge. The way she uses watercolours make the colours appear soft and natural looking.


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