Philippa Rice

Philippa Rice has a cute cartoony style. Her work is mainly simple line drawings with block colours and minimal detail.

Her style is recognisable and consistent through different media. As well as 2D drawings and papercut/collage work she has made scenes of cut out characters and objects.

Colours vary from piece to piece, sometimes there is a pallette of two or three colours and sometimes there is a range of several bright contrasting colours.

“Beyond merely creating the successful webcomic MY CARDBOARD LIFE, Philippa is a multitalented craftswoman: her blog is littered with her hand made creations and oftentimes she constructs 3D counterparts for her comics that are equally hilarious as they are gut-wrenchingly cute. Using yarn and sometimes even products from everyday life, Philippia experiments beyond the bounds of paper limitation, using different materials as means to storytelling.”

Rice is well known for her webcomic ‘Soppy’ which follows Rice and the relationship with her boyfriend Luke Pearson, a fellow artist. The illustrations follow the selected true tales of their life together, and will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever been really into their beau. Follow along as the sappy couple cuddles together, cooks together, and refuses to make biscuits together.

“In her flat, fallible characters, we can recognise others we know, and perhaps also ourselves.”— Paul Gravett.  Particularly in ‘Soppy’ where the situations are very normal the characters are easily relatable to which is part of what makes it so fun to read.


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