The Amory Wars

Written by Claudio Sanchez, The Amory Wars is a science fiction comic that corresponds with Coheed and Cambria’s concept albums (in which the songs tell the story).

This comic differs to the previous ‘I Don’t Believe in the Sun’ by Huw ‘Lem’ Davies, as this is not just a short comic based on one song but a full series/graphic novel.

Through the dialogue and narration of the story lyrics are added to hint back to the band and the way the songs help to tell the story as well as the comic. I think this is an effective way of incorporating the bands music within the comic but more subtly.

Let’s talk cover art! In all the issues of ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3’ there is a lot of action on the covers, as is usual with comics. It gives a glimpse into the story, like a preview for it. My favourite thing about the covers is the use of colour. As the comic is set in space dark backgrounds are not unusual, however on most covers there is a ‘flash’ of luminous colour, like here in the eye of the character. I think that this is good for enforcing the sci-fi elements of the story.




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