Cyberdog-dress (1) prodzoomimg1489 Cyberdog specialise in making rave/club-wear/cyber fashion clothing. The designs their clothes take are rather futuristic and somewhat space-like. The ‘Orbit’ designs pictured above feature rings/hoops in the piece, I think this makes them look very alien and space age. The rings are kind of reminiscent of the rings around planets such as Saturn and Uranus. 


The colours particularly the silver is similar to some Sci-Fi costumes


Sci-Fi Fancy Dress costume


playsuitfifth element

The circular cut holes in the back of this cyberdog playsuit it similar in design to the ‘suspenders’ that LeeLoo wears in the Fifth Element. Since you can see similarities between the designs and sci-fi culture it’s easy to be reminded of Sci-Fi by the clothing.

I think that the way the clothing is designed makes it look particularly futuristic and definitely like something an Alien would wear, should they wear clothes.



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