Referral Brief – Antonio Caramia


“Antonio Caramia is an artist who lives and works in Grottaglie, Italy. Antonio created his fantastic and imaginary artworks, in which magical islands are located in a far-fetched by the clear waters of the sea, islands suggestively built through the twisted trunks of ancient olive trees in Puglia, which become stratified rocks of an ancient castle far away.”

Caramia’s islands are fantasy but through his illustrations somehow come to life. There is an aura of realism in his work, from the structure of the cities to the subtle tones he uses. The islands seem to look somewhat realistic because of the amount of detail put into them. There are several tiny shapes, levels and structures that needed to be drawn to create the islands. He puts a lot of detail into the surrounding areas of the island such as the sea, sky, or trees. This helps to add authenticity to the fantasy islands.

Although they are beautiful, his works tend to feel gloomy, as the island is small and deeply isolated. The colour schemes he uses are generally on the colder side of the spectrum adding to the glum feeling of the image.



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