Referral Brief – Illustrated Maps



Illustrated maps such as these by Alice Tait, and Rifle Paper Co are cute and quirky ways of representing an area. It is laid out like a simple map marking the main roads and rivers etc, if they are drawn accurately they could be used as an alternative to a real map. Instead of a small symbol and a caption, landmarks are illustrated on the maps. Doing this picks out and highlights important elements of the area. In the Map of London by Tait landmarks such as tower bridge and the London Eye are illustrated, whereas in other illustrated maps in may be areas of woodland that are pictured, depending on what is a main feature of the place.

The colour schemes in most of these maps using simple, block colours and a limited pallet. I find that this sections up the areas clearly, for example road and water. Also it does not overload the viewer with information, as there is already a lot of it on the page already with the amount of roads and small illustrations there are. The colours match the area they are illustrating in these cases which I think portrays the feeling of the place.

The maps may not necessarily be showing a place, I have found out that the second image is actually more of a ‘timeline’ of a couples relationship, up to their wedding (On their wedding invitation) which is a pretty cute idea!





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