Referral Brief: The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is a Studio Ghibli film directed by Hiroyuki Morita. The story involves a kingdom/world of cats, and some of the cats such as the Baron pictured in these two images, are given human characteristics such as clothes, walking upright and mannerisms. I think that this gives the sense of the cats living in their own civilization away from the human world, and also makes them seem more at one with the humans rather than just being seen as a pet or a lesser being. I think that this kind of idea could be related to Tashirojima as there are a lot of cats and there could be a fantasy world where they live in a human-like way. The way the people of Tashirojima interact with cats is in a very respectful manner and they probably are treated as well as humans so I think including something like this within the project would help to show this. 


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