We Should All Be Feminists

In this speech Chimamanda Ngozi stands up for feminism and talks about its relevence today, particularly in her culture. She highlights how small things like not being greeted by the waiter in the restaurant or people assuming the money she owns ultimately comes from a man are institutionalised sexism and  I think it’s helpful that she brings this up as a lot of people nowadays do not recognise small things like this as sexism where people like Ngozi do.

Her speech is excellent and her use of anecdotes makes it relatable and easy to understand for those who are ‘new’ to feminism. I know people who have had their views on feminism completely changed by this video as Ngozi explains truthfully what feminism is and why it is needed today for both males and females. Sometimes due to negative connotations of feminism built up over the years people have misconceptions that feminism is about hating men and having women in power whereas its really about equality of the sexes. Ngozi highlights how in many sublte and not to sublte ways women are still not considered equal to men in society.



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