‘Eff Your Beauty Standards’ is a body positive movement, mainly active on social networking sites such as instagram and tumblr. As the name suggests it is in response to society’s beauty standards and the embracing of not fitting those standards. It aims to create body positivity rather than letting people feel bad about their bodies because they don’t ‘live up’ to ‘beauty standards’.

The movement was founded by the model Tess Munster, who is plus sized and aims to help girls, plus sized or not be comfortable with their bodies and to ‘love yourself the way you are now’

Eff Your Beauty standards was formed as Tess ‘was bullied online a lot‘. People told her that because she was plus sized she shouldn’t be wearing things that showed her arms or stomach or that she shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or bathing suits etc. Because she was tired of people dictating what she could and couldn’t wear she started the #effyourbeautystandards tag on tumblr and instagram, and encouraged girls to tag this on their photos.

I think that movements like this, although online are a good step forward in terms of creating body confidence and body acceptance in the world, as more girls post in ‘eff your beauty standards’ more girls may be inspired to also do so. In a way they have the power to empower each others confidence in themselves and become more accepting of the different things people choose to wear or the different things people do with their bodies for example, shaving or not shaving their body hair, wearing makeup, wearing tight clothes, getting tattoos, dying their hair and so on.



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