Feminist Playing Cards

“Feminist Playing Cards is a deck of playing cards featuring illustrations of influential feminist musicians by 14 feminist artists”   The project aims to ‘preserve part of history that is often overlooked and undocumented’.

“It is important for us to preserve the history of these musicians, who have not only contributed great music to the world but have also contributed to the advancement of women’s rights. Some of these musicians were the first women to make accomplishments in their respective genres. Still others led a life of activism and community organizing. For example, Tori Amos co-founded the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), a toll-free help line in the U.S. connecting callers with their local rape crisis center.”

Having 52 different illustrations in the pack of cards helps to ‘preserve’ more as more musicians can be featured. Also by having the format as playing cards having so many pieces in the collection does not seem out of place. Although only one collection has been made I think that there could be potential to create more series’ in the future and thus helping to preserve more feminist musicians throughout history.





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