Who Needs Feminism?

“Who Needs Feminism” is an campaign founded by Duke University Students studying Women in the Public Sphere. The main aims of the campaign ‘is to decrease negative associations with the word that would keep anyone from identifying with the movement’  and to ‘assert the importance of feminism today’. 

Determined to change the campus culture, they came up with the idea for a PR campaign, which they called “Who Needs Feminism?”. They recruited friends and acquaintances, young women and men of all different backgrounds, and took photos of them proudly holding up whiteboards on which they had written in black marker, “I need feminism because…”

The Campaign is open to submissions by members of the public that are posted on the corresponding tumblr page http://whoneedsfeminism.tumblr.com/

This helps to get the public involved and informed about feminism and why it is needed nowadays, as some people think it id not. I think that this makes feminism more accessible to modern generations as the submissions are posted by people everywhere and often have messages that others can relate to.

It makes you think twice about feminism and what it stands for. The submissions highlight issues such as rape culture, femininity being seen as negative, double standards and much more. I like to think that the campaign is able to open the eyes of some people about things still happening in the world that make feminism relevant today.

I need feminism (!!!) because insults imply that being like a woman is something to be avoided.
"you ____ like a girl!"
"crying like a bitch!"
"you’re acting like a pussy!"
and the worst: “cunt!”
feminine does not equal negative.

“In 2012, is Women’s Equality Day still relevant? In the 21st century, who needs feminism? As it turns out, thousands of young women and men from across the globe, of all different races, religions, sexualities, and economic backgrounds, have spoken up to say they do, through the Who Needs Feminism online campaign. Their efforts to reclaim feminism as an umbrella for dialogue on issues that affect all of us – men and women – hold the potential to effect real change.”

The campaign gives people a platform to share their stories and experiences, which in turn could help other people to cope with things happening in their life.






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