Girl Frenzy

“Girlfrenzy magazine is the UK’s only underground girl zine. Published since way back in ’91, it’s bursting with quirky, interesting, kick-ass stuff by and about females: all kinds of articles and comic strips, and NO make-up tips! Highlights have included a Piss Manifesto, and a guide to making your own sequinned nipple tassles. Last year the zine went massive, becoming a big glossy girls’ annual.”

This has been around since about the same time as Riot Grrrl and sports similar kinds of imagery with black and white, simplistic drawings. However these images look more designed and polished than the Riot Grrrl style ones. I find the colours really striking, the brightness gives a lively and kind of bubbly look to it. The block effect on the colours helps to make it look so striking, kind of like a comic. It also gives a screen-printed look to it. The girl on the cover, doing some kind of lively action adds to the bubbly, lively feeling to the cover.

The text used on it reminds me of the Pink Panther. The offset text gives a sort of ‘unique’ feel to the image. The heart as the tittle gives a girly, cute attitude to the images, making it clearly girl-centric. But would this drive away more tomboy-ish girls that aren’t attracted to things that look feminine?

I like the fact that the girls on the covers usually all have different styles, although on these examples they are not noticably different sizes/weights (the first girl does have muscular arms though), I think having them different styles at least makes a start on supporting body confident women. But also by not featuring photographs on the covers it doesn’t promote a sense of ‘this is the norm’.

I really love the style of these covers, by having one image and not little images round the sides it’s not very cluttered like the trashy kind of magazines usually for teenage girls.


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