Alexsandro Palombo created this set of Disney princesses with disabilities. They aim to ‘turn the spotlight on people who aren’t usually represented in fairytales and break down preconceived ideas of what is beautiful'[1]. By using Disney princesses as the subject of these works they may appeal to younger girls and particularly encourage ones with disabilities that they are beautiful. The artist ‘was left partially paralysed from cancer and was inspired by the discrimination he faces on a daily basis'[1 i]

Screenshot (3)[2]

The comments on these pieces suggest that the images would be inspiring for disabled girls but also bring up the fact that there are lots of disabilities that are not represented here such as deafness (hearing aids) etc. Perhaps the collection could have been improved by including more disabilities than amputated limbs.

The images themselves are quite crudely drawn, I find, like the ones you find on knock-off merchandise and since the facial features are a little off I think the images look a bit unsettling but I like the concept behind them. Maybe this style is meant to emulate the way a child would re-draw their favourite Disney character.

‘Susan Stout, interim president and CEO of the Amputee Coalition, said she would love to see one of Palombo’s princesses on the big screen.

“We want everyone to know it is possible to live well with limb loss,” she told the Daily News. “A Disney Princess would help raise awareness and, in turn, acceptance of limb loss.” ‘ [2]


[1]Stylist Magazine, Issue 211, 5th March 2014, Helen Bownass




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