Jayne Steiger – Monster Girls

Here, have a Merlady~

Steiger pretty much specialises in drawing all things cute and creepy including these monster girls, which I love. Each ‘ghoul’ displays aesthetic traits of different monsters. The above  sea creature/mer-folk has fin-like parts on her arms and her skin and hair colour suggests the sea/water as well as the sea shells in her hair. I think that this helps to communicate the type of monster she is, though the design of the character itself without clothes/accessories or colour would still be clear because of the scales, ‘fins’ and ears which seem to be popularly used amongst mer-folk characters.

Hime Bat lady~

The characters are humanised and are often pictured in human clothing and doing human activities, the above monster on her phone, the below ones walking their monster dogs. This helps to give them personality. Generally they have quite human anatomy but adding in little bits of animals or classic monsters its clear that they are indeed monsters. A lot of the girls have characteristics of teenage girls in their styling and what they’re doing,

I like the pastel colours that Steiger uses. As the monsters have all different skin tones she uses the backgrounds to make them stand out against it. Also the colours differ to dark, scary ones that may usually be associated with monsters making them more light-hearted and fun. Steiger is inspired a lot by Gothic Lolita fashion and some of the outfits, hair and colours reflect this, the work she makes appeals to people in that scene as it combines spooky gothic things with more pastel colours and sweet things associated with Lolita fashion.

2 ghoul 4 school

Each characters personality differs. The Mer-girl eating a cupcake looks more shy but polite and sweet as she looks at the viewer but the devil girl here looks more excitable – with an attitude as she is pictured winking and doing the peace sign as if she’s mid- movement. The cyclops below (maybe because she only has one eye) looks really bright eyed as if she’s looking in awe at something. I really enjoy how they all have long monster-y tongues reaching towards the food they’re holding. It gives a quirky mischievous sense of character to them.

The digital media she uses works really well for the colour schemes as she can select pretty much any colour and create different tones easily as well as creating a block colour that isn’t at all patchy. I also think the coloured outlines are really effective as they’re more visually interesting than just black outlines and help to bring the character out from the background.




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