Target’s Photoshopped Thigh Gap

Target epic photoshop fail model thigh gap bikini

Recently this image appeared on targets website, displaying some crazy photoshop skills, including an added ‘thigh gap’ that cuts out part of the models crotch and spikes on the underarm and hip.

The obvious editing of the photo makes it clear that many photos on the website and other clothing stores will have images that are edited to the model looks slimmer.

 it’s clear that they’ve been using photoshop to shave off parts of this girl’s body to make her appear thinner than she already is, which is worrying when you consider this product is being marketed to teenage girls” The image of slim girls is marketed to teenagers over and over again leading them to strive for bodies like the models which is sometimes unattainable, as the images are manipulated and not true representations of the models body.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave the models body how they are? The girl in this photo was already slim looking without taking chunks of her body out to fit the ridiculous ideal for teenage girls.


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