Michael Michael Motorcycle

Michael Michael Motorcycle started off his art  ‘career’ making flyers for his and his friends bands he now continues to make band posters and has a wonderful style.

Michael Michael Motorcycle’s posters are really quirky and fun. He has a recognisable style that unites all of his work. The posters he creates remind me very much of circus posters, with intricate writing and bright vibrant colours. Although he has a style it seems like he tries to match up the imagery with the band it is advertising. Above, Danzig has heavier block, text and more mythologically inspired imagery which relates to the rock/metal sound of Danzig. Below the Cure’s poster is more light and bouncy, it’s quite dream-like in a way which reflects the cure’s lighter music.

In Swag 2: Rock Posters from the 90’s and beyond it was stated that he screenprints most of his posters, I find that impressive as in his pieces he uses at least 5-7 colours in one piece.


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