Saturday Girl – Casey Orr

Saturday Girl is a series of portraits of young women specifically as seen through their hairstyles.

All of the photographs are taken on Saturday afternoons in a pop up studio in Leeds, UK and on Saturdays this city brims with young women, out with friends, shopping and generally hanging around looking and being looked at. 

These girls are experimenting with fantastically creative ways of expressing themselves. We have always dyed and cut, sprayed and shaved; as a way of stating individuality and belonging to a tribe. All this big hair also reflects past trends in hair fashion, passed down to them intuitively through culture.

Saturday Girl is an exploration of what hair means culturally and personally to young women and how they experience and use the power inherent in becoming visible as women.

This synopsis by the Artist Casey Orr is interesting. I love the way she describes the hairstyles as ‘belonging to a tribe’ as that gives a kind of ritualistic and spiritual meaning to girls’ hair and suggests how highly girls’ regard their looks or individuality. By calling it a tribe Orr suggetss a sense of unity between funky haired girls, like the sense of unity I am trying to portray through my monster girls.

Image for Saturday Girl: Casey Orr

I particularly like this image as the girls hair blends into her coat and kind of makes her look like a yeti, very relevent to my project. The colour gradient from light to black draws the viewer through the image and is emphasized by the model looking down.

Her works focus around the girls’ hair but as a lot of the pictures are taken up close the imperfections of the girls are somewhat highlighted in the images, especially when they were displayed. One one you can see the girls dye on her face from the night before. At the Saturday Girl conference the Artist said that despite their flaws being pictured in the photographs they didn’t mind them being displayed as when they saw the images it was ‘more like they were an art piece, like a painting’ than just a ‘selfie’ or a photo taken by a friend.

I love the fact that the series doesn’t erase anyone and there are loads of different looking girls with different bodies, ethnicities and styles. Although it was not the aim of the artist these works could help girls feel good about their looks as they can see people with similar styles etc in works of art.

The project was supposed to sum up what’s meant to be a young woman in Leeds and I think it does this well. There’s representation of different styles of girls, and the diversity of the models definitely sums up the diversity of Leeds.



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