Jillian Tamaki – SuperMutant Magic Academy

Love Story

Jillian Tamaki’s SuperMutant Magic Academy captures all of the teen angst you’ll find at a school for magical mutants — or any school at all. The comics follow groups of mutant school kids on their various day to day activities, although the comics follow weird people and goings on they “all at once totally surreal and completely relatable for anyone who went to high school”.

I find the comics really funny because they’re so simplistic in design which matches the everyday kind of problems and humour portrayed in the comics. “A huge portion of the strips basically ignore that the students can fly or turn invisible or have magic wands and shows them going through regular teen angst and emotional upheavals.”. The fact that they are everyday problems and ‘ignore’ the ‘superpowers’ of the characters make the comics more relatable but the inclusion of mutants and superpowers make the comics and situations easier to laugh at, I think.

Almost SeventeenSnowwoman


Might Be Love






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