Anna Hill


The inspiration was from noticing beauty ads over the years looking unrealistically perfect, and thinking that they may as well be advertising Photoshop than what they sell. I just decided to make a fun, exaggerated parody of the ads and turn them around to make Photoshop the beauty product, instead.


Hill’s satyrical posters are effective as they show what can be done using photoshop and highlights just how fake the images we see in magazines everyday are. “Given that a worrying number of female consumers believe that advertisements depict models and celebrities as they seem in real life, these images are a refreshing reminder of just how far digital editing can go”. The images are funny because they don’t try to pretend that they’re not edited, rather they emphasize the fact that they are edited. The one of the split face particularly shows how much editing can do as there is a direct comparrison whereas in her other images there is just the edited photograph with advertisements for photoshop to show it is edited.

This draws attention to the serious issue that today’s beauty standards are built from severely manipulated images of models and not real images of people, but she makes it lighthearted by turning it into an advert for photoshop and adding these dry comments e.g. ‘for that poreless android look you’ll never achieve in real life’.

What makes these images particularly successful is that the editing is done so well that it looks like the image could have just been plucked from a magazine and not created solely to satirize this kind of thing.


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