Tumblr Body Confidence Art 1.

note: This will be a mass review of various art that I found influential and relevent to my work but could not really qualify for full critical journals themselves.

1) Monster Girl by Cutosphere



The artist said she wanted the term ‘monster girl’ to show how the media dehumanises women, but here I like to think of it as the way girls are different from each other. As the girl says ‘I wouldn’t mind being a monster’ as if she could embrace the things make her ‘monstrous’ but when other people start to comment on her appearance it makes the ‘monster’ seem like a bad thing rather than a good thing. This piece was really helpful for the progression of my project and the reasons for choosing to use monsters in my work rather than just human girls.
I like the way this comic has a character that doesn’t appear to be affected by the people who don’t look like her in the media but seems to just be stuck in a world where everyone else is affected by that. She doesn’t mind being different until people around her started commenting on her body hair or her size. This subtly comments on bullying, or peer pressure to look a certain way or fit in rather than pressure from the media.

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